Packing 101

Featured on Sarah in Style

If there really were a packing 101 class, I wish I would have taken it. Two things to know about me and packing: one, I HATE packing, and two, I over-pack a little….alright, let’s be honest, A LOT! However, since I started traveling for work a couple of years ago my packing skills have drastically improved. When you are traveling weekly and needing to pack in a short amount of time, you pretty much put yourself through your own 101 course. Work trips I now have down to a science, and can always go with just a carry-on and my purse/computer bag. Personal trips, I still over-pack (I mean, come on, that won’t change…a girl needs options!), but I am much more organized and less stressed during the packing process. Since it took me until my late 20’s to get into my packing groove, I figured I should share the wealth of what I’ve learned along the way, and what really makes packing easy for me now. I’m using my trip to Europe this summer as my example (all pictures are from that trip), since that was a major task. I thought about what I would wear for months leading up to that vacation!

4. Never worry about getting cold, pack a shawl or wrap.

Planes are always freezing, restaurants are chilly, you just never know when you might need a little warmth. You can truly use a wrap in any climate. And if you get one like mine from ARMigami, you can use it as so much more than a wrap….think bathing suit cover up/sarong (like I used here in Cannes), a blanket to cover your legs, something to sit on at the beach or park, a scarf, even a shirt. It’s functional and a fun style accessory. I am always, always, always cold, so this is a must for me to pack!