About ARMigami


ARMigami derives its name from the ancient art of Japanese origami. Like origami, this wrap can be transformed into many stylish shapes including a sleeved wrap to cover up your ARMs when you need a little extra something.  This convertible wrap that can be worn in so many ways; wear it as a top, a scarf, a wrap, a skirt or a beach cover-up!   The user friendly design makes it easy to transform into your must have accessory.  Each ARMigami comes in a matching bag that makes it perfect to take on the go.  



Their Story

Not that long ago, there were two sisters, Jocelyn and Joan, who loved fashion.

As the youngest girls of ten children, they had the opportunity to experience, either through their sisters or themselves, many wardrobe frustrations.

Jocelyn and Joan or one of their sisters were always looking for:

  • A sarong that did not need to be tied
  • A wrap for a sleeveless dress so they would not freeze
  • Just something that satisfied multiple fashion needs

They constantly asked each other:

  • Wouldn't it be great if we could find something like that? 
  • Why don't they make anything like that?

Since they never found the answers in the stores and as their frustration grew... Necessity, the Mother of Invention waived her magic wand and inspired two sisters to create their own solution and yours... thus ARMigami was created!

ARMigami is the perfect clothing companion. Day or night, hot or cold, from Chicago to the Caribbean... ARMigami has you covered!

With 15 different ways to wear it and a colorful selection to choose from, ARMigami is functional, fashionable and fun!

We are proud to tell you that the ARMigami is made in Chicago.

The Creative Team


Jocelyn Weinzimmer, co-founder

I have always had a passion for clothing and the fashion industry.  After raising my two wonderful sons, I now am fortunate and excited to be pursing my passion.  I hope that ARMigami inspires other women like myself to think out of the box and keep pursing their dreams.


Joan Pavalon, co-founder

After graduating from college with a degree in Journalism / Public Relations, I moved to Chicago. Now that my son and daughter are young adults, my sister and I have dedicated our time to pursuing our shared passion.  I love spending hours sourcing the perfect fabric that women will love and be able to incorporate into their wardrobe.